How should I feed my Blob?

In a vivarium context, we advise you to feed your Blob with bark or pieces of wood loaded with water (let the wood soak in water).
Indeed, with the humidity of the wood, microorganisms will appear on its surface and will become abundant food for the Blob.
You will need to change the pieces of wood when the blob has fully explored them.
The antlers are reusable after being rinsed with clean water to remove mucus.

Adding mushrooms to your vivarium will make a great addition.

If you decide to feed the Blob with oats in a vivarium setting, you will need to remove the oats that have been explored by the blob to prevent mold.

We advise you to take a look at this video:

What is the ideal size for a vivarium?

How much you want the blob to expand is up to you.
You can let your blob grow without restriction, in which case you will need a large vivarium, just like containing it in small spaces (tupperware, petris dishes) by cutting it regularly.

What if I don't have a vivarium?

You can breed your blob in any container, as long as it meets the following criteria:
The surface must be damp (Aggar, paper towel or damp cloth, damp wood, etc.)
The container should be closed to retain moisture, with small holes for breathing.

How to photograph the Blob, when it does not like light?

The Blob does not survive light…. However, it supports it in reasonable doses.

In concrete terms, it easily supports a few minutes of light distributed throughout the day.
What is the maximum tolerance level of your Blob? It's up to you to discover it with precision at the risk of losing it, or not confronting it!
You can therefore light the Blob in daylight from time to time, and especially when taking pictures.
Even more convenient, you can keep the Blob in complete darkness, and use the flash for photos.
The Blob will not suffer and you will have perfect photos.

Wake up your blob!

Depending on the age and size of your sclerotia (dormant blob), it will wake up more or less quickly, be patient.
It is only once a certain size is reached that it will regain all its characteristics and behaviors.
WARNING ! A trap is set for you in the awakening stage of the Blob.
If, to wake up your blob, you offer your sclerotia too much oats (dormant blob), it will not be able to explore all of the oats fast enough, so the unused oats and aging will start to mold and affect the health of your Blob. Therefore, offer him oats gradually as he grows, starting with 4-5 flakes. In doing so, the explored oats will always be of the first freshness.

When do you recommend ordering?

Blobs are sold as a sclerotia (dormancy). They can stay that way for as long as needed before you wake them up. So you can buy your Blobs well in advance without fear, they will always be in great shape when they wake up.