The educational experience of CNES and CNRS.

 CNES, in partnership with CNRS, is organizing a large-scale educational experience with the Blob with all schools in France with the astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Want to learn more about the #elevetonblob Alpha mission?

Teachers? Teachers? Parents?

Order your Alpha Kit!

Based on the official Alpha mission experimental protocol provided by CNES, our Alpha Kits include everything you need to prepare for and participate in the #elevetonblob Alpha mission with your students or at home.

Train yourself !

We have included in our Alpha Kit an additional Blob so that you can familiarize yourself and practice while waiting for the start of the Alpha #elevetonblob experience thanks to the Video Tutorial of Audrey Dussutour.


The official tutorial!

The blob, the Tutorial. Everything you need to know to make your blob laugh and run around! With Audrey Dussutour.


Our Alpha kits




+ 1 Blob

Based on the official CNES protocol, this kit offers you everything you need to reproduce at home or in your classes the experience that will take place in the ISS. (except oatmeal and agar)

1 AVA Blob - Physarum polycephalum - dormant Australian strain (for your Alpha experiment)

1 additional AVA Blob (to train before the Alpha experience)

1 90mm petri dish

2 55mm petri dishes (1 for the experiment + 1 for training)

1 filter paper 10x10cm

1 Blob sticker with the official Blob Shop mascot!

A4 manual to get started breeding your Blob

Consult the experimental protocol of Mission Alpha on the CNES website




+ 2 Blobs

Do you want all of your students to experience the Alpha Mission for themselves with their own Blob? This Kit is made for you! With this exclusive kit at an unbeatable price, we give you the opportunity to provide a Blob to each of your students so that they can reproduce themselves the experience of the Alpha mission.

This kit is based on the official CNES protocol

Lot of 10 small AVA Blobs - Australian strain

2 small AVA Blobs offered

10 petri dishes 55mm

Set of 3 filter papers 10x10cm (to be re-cut into 12 pieces of 5x5cm)

Set of 10 Mission Alpha stickers

A4 manual to get started breeding your Blobs

Consult the experimental protocol of Mission Alpha on the CNES website