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LU 352
The Space Blob!


What is Blob?

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Our Blobs

LU 352

The Space Blob!

LU 352, the star!

It was he who joined Thomas Pesquet in the ISS, and whom the CNES and the CNRS sent to schools, as part of the Alpha / Elevetonblob Mission.
A true icon of scientific research and the intergalactic confines, he is now waiting for you for a new mission!


The White Blob

Luna Didymium, your first white blob!
From the Didymium family, delicate and mystical, Luna is our extraordinary white Blob.
Hidden in the moonlit waters, Luna moves gracefully and gently.
Slower than her colleagues, she requires a less frequent renewal of her environment and therefore less time on a daily basis.


The Australian Blob

The ideal Blob to start.
The patience shown by AVA gives it the advantage of often making the right choices. But this patience can lead him to be rammed the pawn. The CNRS team often considers him to be the more endearing and intelligent of the two. He will be the perfect companion for those who want to subject their Blob to complex problems.

AVA Australian Blob


The American Blob

Conqueror and resistant, Charly is the Blob with the strongest temperament. He is conqueror and courageous. But this taste for adventure leads him to take risks that he may regret. Fortunately for him, his robustness allows him to get out of many situations and withstand hard knocks. He will be your most loyal and resilient companion.

American Blob Charly


The Orange Blob

A rare and elegant Blob, ready for winter!
With a cruising temperature of 18°C, Badhamia is the ideal Blob for the winter season. In addition, its redundant network which gives it a “lace” appearance, embellished with its fire/orange color, makes it the most elegant Blob in our catalog. Robust, calm and elegant at the same time, adapted to the winter season, Badhamia has become the new darling of our team and will be the ideal resident of your living room, or your laboratory.

Blob Badhamia


Dlearn more about the Blob, learn how to wake up, breed, experiment, stop or pause breeding. Don't be afraid, it's easy, we'll tell you everything!

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The perfect Kit to learn to become independent in the breeding of the Blob at home. The ideal gift for curious little ones!

Educational kit


Kit for educators to introduce the scientific method with the Blob. For school and extracurricular

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